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After hearing  Brene’s podcast with Harriet Lerner on Apologizing I was reminded of some important truths: Those who’ve done the most damage often are the least able to apologize. Those who do a lot of harm do so because they come from a place of their own deep shame. The non-apologizers walk along a tight […]


Why is my memory not working right? Lab tests have shown that when trauma happens, the frontal lobe shuts down, including the region necessary to put feelings into words, the region that creates a sense of location in time, and the thalamus, which integrates the raw data of incoming sensations. Under ordinary conditions the rational […]

Spiritual Abuse

How familiar are you with the topic of Spiritual Abuse, Emotional Abandonment and Child Abuse? I often have heard that child abuse is Spiritual Abuse and while managing to *see how having an adult caregiver is cold and distant can impact a child’s relationship with God I wasn’t able to see beyond that. Here is […]


Looking back I can see how I’ve lived pretty much these past 50+ years in a dissociative state. It’s amazing really how the body and brain work so that I was able to grow up and travel and later raise a family all while being disconnected to my feelings and deepest awareness of self. This […]

Voice and Choice

A few days ago, I woke up with a couple of things swirling in my head. Some of which involved what I learned in my TR Coaching course- How we as coaches want to help our clients see that they have Voice and Choice. So… Voice and Choice… hmmmm. …. Then I thought, “How do […]


Did you grow up in a family where it was said or implied that ‘what happens in this house stays in this house’? Or perhaps, ‘We don’t air our dirty laundry in public’. Or, ‘some things we just don’t talk about’. You were probably told that this is how we show respect to our family, […]


Most of us would shudder to ever think that we would enable a predator or an abuser to abuse a child. To enable is defined as:  To provide the means or opportunity; to make possible, practical, or easy; to cause to operate To give legal power, capacity, or sanction to   With this definition would […]


Childhood trauma often includes Emotional Neglect aka Emotional Abandonment. Emotional neglect is extremely painful for it sends the message that our feelings, opinions, needs and wants don’t matter. When there is zero to little communication on how we feel about what is happening, even if its about school or friendships, family dynamics, etc, if we […]

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