Looking out my living room window I see tree branches moving, I hear the wind blowing against my home, I see rain drops against the window, I see leaves fluttering by carried by the wind. These are signs of a storm and evidence of change.

This is proof that autumn has arrived here on the west coast of North America.

Autumn is a season of change, of letting go, or releasing what no longer is needed/serving and getting ready to slow down and rest while gathering strength for new growth come Spring. It is a time of fireplaces glowing, of sweaters and extra blankets, of hot beverages and sticking close to the fireplace, of wardrobe changes [out go the bathing suits and shorts and in comes the sweaters, scarves and rain boots].

Are you feeling this is happening in your life on a personal level right now? —-  I sure do.  Are you feeling the need to reassess yourself, your life, your goals, etc?—- I definitely am.  So I choose to take the time needed for self-reflection, for reassessing, for re-alignment with my personal and professional goals. Take in that deep breath!

I am noticing some sadness and loss mixed with feelings of anticipation and the desire to “get prepared” all the while hearing a little voice that says, “be patient”.

Accepting and embracing these shifts/changes in life is not always easy, yet they happen whether we want them, acknowledge them or not.

What we resist, persists.  I’ve learned the truth in this statement while in my own trauma recovery journey.

Resisting emotions as they surface, only causes more pain.

Resisting the need for rest and taking a break, only causes more anxiety and overwhelm.

Life is a force. When we resist its forward momentum, we cause ourselves suffering. Accepting where we are at this very moment is where we need to be; it eases suffering. Accepting and trusting your body is a huge step for childhood trauma survivors—yet it is freeing at the same time.

Letting go, letting the leaves go, releasing them to land where they may and loving and embracing the process of change is a way to love yourself.

You’ve got this.


I am Lisa Hilton, CTRC-A, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach – Advanced, and I support adult survivors of childhood and developmental trauma connect to who they are so they can live in freedom and authenticity. I support this Transformation of Travesty into Triumph. Book a Discovery Session today so you can get unstuck and learn how to become unshakable.

Lisa Hilton, CTRC-A, founder of Hilton Coaching & Consulting. I am a trauma coach; I educate, consult, and am a published author. I work with adult survivors of Childhood Trauma and those suffering from Complex PTSD so they can Transform their Travesty into Triumph, one step at a time.

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