Hi there! I am Lisa Hilton

and this is my story…

You may be wondering how I came to be a certified Trauma Recovery Coach.

When I was a child, life was different. In the 60s/70s there was little to no understanding of the impact of childhood trauma and nothing about intergenerational trauma. *Trauma* was not an everyday word. Emotional literacy and emotional intelligence were unheard of.


I don’t have a lot of memories of my early childhood. However, I’m well aware I grew up in a strict critical environment with corporal punishment. Spankings were common back then. I don’t recall experiencing warm affection. Praise and commendation were rarely given. I believe my parents did their best with what they knew; they made sure we had food, clothing, shelter and play activities. To my demise, I suffered through terrifying events and endured sexual, physical and emotional abuse – at home.


There was little to no conversation about feelings and how to healthily manage them – with respect and compassionate dialogue. The right environment wasn’t there for me to feel safe nor to develop a healthy sense of self-worth. Disconnection to my feelings was necessary in order to be around my abusers. This culture inflicted deep emotional wounds. As a result, I had a lot of struggles.


Throughout adulthood I sought out mental health support. Yet, it wasn’t until 2018 that the secret of being sexually assaulted by a sibling became too heavy to bear. The full impact of what I experienced came crashing through causing devastation everywhere. This was the catalyst for making huge changes. I now needed to work through the deep emotional pain. The sheer terror I felt along with the burden of secrets caused physical and mental burnout. Focusing was impossible so I left my employment. I felt angry having to address these memories again. Emotional flashbacks began to shut me down. I was developing agoraphobic tendencies. The emotional pain was so intense that I had to work through suicidal ideation. It was a dark period in my life. I felt I was unravelling.


I felt hopeless and wondered if I was always going to be like this. I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD and began to seek knowledge and understanding. I found helpful videos on YouTube re Complex Trauma and Complex PTSD. I went to therapists and did my own bibliotherapy. I was reminded of the neuroplasticity of the brain. Things shifted. How fortunate to be alive when neuroscience and traumatologists share their findings! Now I had hope that I could recover….. today!


I chose to invest in myself and have worked hard ever since to recover from my own childhood trauma. I have healed, gained insight, and grown so much since that pivotal year.

In time I put the pieces together and came to understand

  • The abuse isn’t my fault
  • How far reaching the damaging effect of childhood trauma is – in all its forms
  • There is hope – Childhood Trauma Recovery IS possible
  • I can change my thinking, beliefs, and future, and become my own hero
  • Interpersonal trauma needs safe, healthy, attuned, interpersonal relationships to accelerate healing

Sibling Abuse Support

I am a survivor of sibling abuse [physical, sexual, emotional and religious]. Sibling abuse is labeled as the forgotten abuse. It is rarely acknowledged yet this abuse is more common than IPV and F/D incest COMBINED.

I facilitate a Sibling Abuse Support Group [hccSASG]on the

last Monday of every month at 6 pm Pacific.

Time Buddy is a good app to use to ensure you connect at the right time wherever you live.

This group must be kept psychologically and emotionally safe. Therefore, disrespectful speech will not be tolerated. We ask that there is no sharing of intimate details of your sibling abuse at these meetings.

You may reach out to me on my Contact page if you have any questions.

Here is the Calendar Link   Welcome! 😊

I am here to support your healing

Wanting to utilize what happened to me to help others, I became Certified in Trauma Recovery Coaching through the IAOTRC. I love being a coach! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing positive changes in clients as they begin to understand what happened, its far-reaching impact and that none of it is their fault. As their confidence grows and the old mindsets stemming from abuse are overshadowed by positive, healthy beliefs, the door opens to becoming free from the fear, pain and sorrow of the past. Ahhhh…. to experience what it feels like to live in Freedom and to feel they truly MATTER. There’s nothing quite like it.

I am privileged that I get to live my passion by offering hope by being a compassionate witness, a partner in another’s healing journey. I believe that we all have inner wisdom, we just need someone to support making that connection to it and relight that spark.

I am excited about my membership web site because it is designed to provide a safe place to support fellow survivors in their Trauma Recovery and allows me to share my passion for education and coaching. My dream is that all childhood trauma survivors recover from the experienced atrocities that seep into current life so they can live life shackle-free.


You are in the driver’s seat. I am beside you as we explore the final leg of your healing journey together. I will support you to become your own hero as you regain your power and your voice. Are you ready to embrace living truly alive and feeling free?


Yes, you CAN experience Childhood Trauma Recovery now, today.


YOU Matter and YOU’RE worth it.

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