Taking the first steps towards healing


WHY Membership?

Dr. Bruce Perry [child psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and author] states: “Some of the most therapeutic experiences do not take place in ‘therapy’, but in naturally occurring healthy relationships.”

Community is crucial in trauma recovery and by being part of our safe community of peers you’ll be with those who know, who understand. For far too long child abuse survivors have lived feeling so isolated and truly alone. Well – no more! Kaleidoscope Community is for Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Neglect.

All that I’ve learned in my healing journey is kept here. I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned so you don’t have to spend hours on Google trying to find articles and videos — I’m doing the research for you. 😊 The Kaleidoscope Community is your Go-To-Home to satisfy your curiosity, gain knowledge and insight, feel safe and connected.

There are downloadables and education pieces, suggested reading, and mindfulness and grounding exercises all designed to support your trauma recovery. New content will be added monthly if not bi-weekly.

Membership BENEFITS

Through the KC Membership and its monthly meetings there are opportunities to: Receive validation, respect and support | Develop your Emotional literacy and Emotional Intelligence | Increase self awareness | Practice healthier coping strategies | Gain Freedom, Mental Clarity, and Greater Self-Confidence | Get back your Voice and Choice | Learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries | Learn how to Trust | Gain insight | Empowerment | Develop self-compassion muscles | Learn how to kick the shame monster to the curb

And this all helps you to develop skills so you can live in freedom and authenticity and become unshakable!

Are you ready to take the next step in your healing journey?

Are you ready for results, for transformation, for healing,

For re-connecting to you, your vitality and hope?

This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for! Besides all the above, YOU will be able to connect with me and fellow adult survivors monthly to chat about current challenges/issues, share experiences and experience reciprocity.

Here are more Benefit details:

Support for the journey
Childhood trauma causes one to feel alone, isolated, even abandoned and unloved. To heal this wounding [trauma] there needs to be safe relational connections. I and the KC are here to support this healing as we listen, understand, and validate in a safe, respectful and non-judgmental environment. We truly care here. YOU Matter! Safety and Trustworthy Peer Support are the foundation to trauma recovery and healing.
You will make your fears go away
If one digs deep enough one learns that fear is one of the feelings that is at the root of so much of the decisions and choices made or even the resistance of making such. Fear often is blended with shame and because I’ve lived this, I understand. Learning to feel safe within and learning healthy strategies to ensure inner safety goes a long way in getting one’s voice back, reclaiming self confidence and empowerment.
A safe space where you can be heard
Feeling overlooked, ignored, not listened to, being gaslit, criticized, made fun of, emotionally neglected, etc…. the pain caused from these unhealthy behaviours runs deep. Therefore, I Hear You, is a common sentence expressed here. We all desire to be seen, heard and validated. The KC provides these through its safe discussion forum, its monthly virtual meetings and if you choose – in more direct coaching via groups or 1:1.
Let's deal with the challenges
Childhood trauma teaches us four lies – [1] The abuse is my fault [2] I should be ashamed of myself [3] I am unworthy and unlovable [4] I am powerless. Reclaiming your power, getting back your voice and choice, kicking the shame-monster to the curb, and throwing the accountability of the abuse back onto whom it belongs are all part of Trauma Recovery. What happened is Not Your Fault! You are NOT Alone. I’m with you as you do the hard work of figuring out what happened, its impact, and who you are while detoxing, reconnecting, and integrating – thereby becoming whole and authentic beings, feeling truly Free!

Subscribe for extra perks such as

- 40% off site wide coaching services with year’s membership

- Access to me via text up to 3 x /wk

- Access to the Kaleidoscope Community

- Access to all our resources to support you along your journey

- Unlimited access to an ever-growing hub meant for healing and understanding one another


Discovery Session - up to 60 Minutes

To ensure Trauma Recovery Coaching is the right healing modality for you currently, I encourage you invest in a 30- Minute Discovery Session so we are clear on your Trauma Recovery Goals and see if we are compatible working together. Feeling safe and comfortable is imperative to trauma recovery.


Diamond Group Coaching (closed)

8, one per week sessions [day/time TBD]

90 Minutes per session

Offered in Jan/Feb, Apr/May, Jul/Aug, Oct/Nov

$29 for 30 Min Discovery session and a Vetting process before acceptance

Groups will encompass 3 - 8 people each



4 consecutive weekly sessions

Up to 75 Minutes per session

Offered in Jan/Feb, Apr/May, Jul/Aug, Oct/Nov

$29 for 30 Min Discovery Session


Individual 1:1 Coaching

75 minutes single session


For Professional Consultations

book a Discovery Session, cost is TBD


1:1 S.O.S. Emergency Session

30 minutes single session


1:1 S.O.S. Emergency Session

60 minutes single session , focused on one subject

A few keynotes...

Why Trauma Recovery Coaching

If you’re an adult, have had therapy and or read lots of books on trauma healing and are seeking for that missing piece in the final leg of your trauma recovery journey, then this may be what YOU are looking for!

This avenue of coaching is unique and a vital step to trauma recovery. As a certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I bring attunement, validation, support, encouragement, normalization of the aftereffects, psycho education on trauma, and genuine connection all within a safe and non-judgmental space. It takes great courage to be vulnerable and I take this vulnerability Seriously.

I am your safe, compassionate witness. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for someone else to rescue you. I know, I’ve waited – I’ve been there. Now is the time for you to become your own Hero! You are in the driver’s seat, I’m sitting along with you. I support you to where you want to go, gently guiding you along the way.

Here is where YOU MATTER!
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