Have you reached a time in your life that certain behaviours or some mindsets aren’t quite working for you anymore?  Are you noticing challenges socially, relationally, professionally? Have you hit a block somewhere and can’t seem to get past it? Are you finding that you are overly sensitive to criticism? Are you noticing that you are working with people who gaslight?

Because childhood trauma teaches us many lies, we as adult survivors have a lot of unpacking to do.  One of these lies is that ‘I am unworthy – unlovable’.

This is due to the horrific violations and egregious acts that happened to us, our bodies, our psyche.

We felt bad, awful, yucky inside so we ended up thinking:  If I feel bad then I must be bad.  And so that deeply rooted lie gets implanted. 

From this moment onward we become someone who doesn’t see self as being worth loving, not deeply, not unconditionally, not wholeheartedly. Often, we feel like we are imposters, thinking that if people just knew who we really are, they’d know that we are a nobody, not worthy of respect, that the one huge flaw that you’ve spent all your energy hiding will be revealed and you’ll get hauled out on the carpet for it, exposed for the fraud that you think you are.  Well, you are not alone.

One of the things that a Trauma Recovery Coach does is work with one to unpack these lies, break down the barriers that resisted the ‘other love’.  Yes, perhaps we grew up being loved but by believing that lie above, we are unable to allow that in because of that lie that has become our ‘truth’. Perhaps these experiences impacted your ability to truly 100% accept yourself as is – to unconditionally love yourself.

Is it time for you see your worth?  Is it time for you to love your self as you are created to do? Is it time for you to see your light as others do?  Are you ready to do the work necessary so you can live life with less baggage, less self-imposed limitations, and more freedom? 

I am here to support your healing transformation from travesty into triumph.


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