There is a blog I previously wrote on Grooming behaviours. I created a webinar on Grooming and have now written a book on the topic. The book is entitled, Identifying The Wolf, Shedding Light on the Grooming Behaviours of Sexual Predators.

With my own healing journey, I came to realize that there isn’t a book written for the average person that sheds light on the unique behaviour that sexual predators employ.

For decades, we heard and read about “the scary guy who wears a tan trench coat that tries to lure kids into his van.” The reality is, these types of predators aren’t that common. The Center for Disease Control now says that 93% of sexual offenders are known to their victims. Stranger Danger is not as common as the danger that lives right in our own homes, or our schools, churches, daycares, clubs, organizations, and the like. It’s the people who hide in plain sight – these are the ones who pose the most threat.

But how do we know who these people are? What do we need to look for? How can I protect myself and my family? All of which are great questions.

This is why I wrote my book. 

Luring children into doing sexual acts isn’t the only type of Grooming that these predators and abusive people do. They also groom their targets’ families, their circle of friends, perhaps neighbours, congregation, and so on. They want to maintain control.

Their greatest fear is if their victim tells. If that happens, the predator has a plethora of tricks to utilize to keep their victims silent or not believed. This means other Grooming tactics are utilized.

Educating yourself on how these sexual predators Groom before, during and after the abuse will help protect yourself and your loved ones.

I invite you to learn about these various tactics and behaviours. Therefore, a purchasing link for my book will be posted shortly.  

Lisa Hilton, CTRC-A, founder of Hilton Coaching & Consulting. I am a trauma coach; I educate, consult, and am a published author. I work with adult survivors of Childhood Trauma and those suffering from Complex PTSD so they can Transform their Travesty into Triumph, one step at a time.

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